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Reflection Prompt: Discuss technology and your own productivity and professional practice.  

Description: Technology has enhanced the means of productivity in the classroom. With so many resources at our fingertips, information is readily available and may be reproduced to accommodate diverse learners in a multitude of formats - audio, video, and text.

: Educators use technology to communicate (email, word processing, instant messaging/chat, cell phone); track student progress (spreadsheets, databases); and few have taken technology further with video conferencing, calendar sharing, Google Docs, blogs, concept mapping, and Test/Survey makers; all these technologies enhance productivity for teachers, saving them time and effort.

Intent: As a Technology Facilitator, I plan to devise Professional Learning Communities for my teachers. In these Professional Learning Communities, I will share technology tools they can use for productivity and professional development. The school I am in now, doesn't have internet access in the classrooms. We will write a grant that correlates with ISTE NETS Standards to wired and outfitted with technology. In the meantime, I plan to use my laptop to introduce them to Microsoft Office to show them how it can be used to enhance their productivity. I will also work on a website embedding video on mini-lessons the teachers can use with their students fitting the curriculum needs of the teacher's content area.

Let's explore some tools! Click on links below, and let's get started!

Wikispaces - "A wiki is a space on the Web where you can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media — and anything else you can think of. Wikispaces is special because we give you a visual editor and a bunch of other tools to make sharing all kinds of content as easy for students as it is for their teachers."

BCA imageWikispaces for the  Classroom - This wiki is set up for Professional Development training with the teachers of Bethlehem Christian Academy. I will give the teachers instructions on how to create a wiki for their classroom. This wiki will serve as a model of what the teachers should include in their classroom wikis.

Wiki of the Flipped Classroom - This is a wiki I created with my Instructional Design team to be used as a learning module on the Flipped Classroom for Dr. Cheryl L. Ward Ph. D., Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership, College of Education, University of Akron.

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